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About Us

A drop zone will be created at Samedan Airport during two weeks of the year and we offer skydiving in a fantastic mountain world.


The EngadinSky event is organized by Skydive Luzern, a professional parachute school. We are a Swiss Skydive certified company and come with our plane and parachute equipment for this event in the Engadin.

EngadinSky offers tandem jumps and passenger flights, for customers without prior knowledge. During the event we also offer daily skydiving operation for licensed skydivers.

Team Member:

Tandemmaster Serge Pfäffli
Serge Pfäffli
Manager and Tandem Master
9000 Jumps
Tandemmaster Marco Schriber
Marco Schriber
Tandem Master and video flyer
6000 Jumps
Reto Müller
Chef-Pilot and Skydiver
3000 Jumps
Tobias Zumsteg
Tandem Master
Mike von Holzen_2.jpg
Mike von Holzen
Tandem Master
2000 Jumps
Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 11-07-54 Skydive Luzern Paraclub Beromünster Staff Vorstand.png
Philipp Wecker
Tandem Master
4000 Jumps
Riccardo Ricci
Pilot and skydiver
1000 Jumps
unser team


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